HawkPeak® (HawkPeak, LLC, HawkPeak® Consulting Group, and HawkPeak® Distributors, LLC et al) is an independent financial services intermediary keenly focused on wholesale investment advisory, investment management, financial products, and consulting services. 

offers investment management and consulting services - advice and guidance centered on helping boutique asset and investment managers define strategies for asset acquisition; sales, marketing, and investment distribution/wholesaling.

  1. Wholesale financial services; independent investment distributor for boutique top performing investment managers.
  2. Venture investor; select start-up investment managers with proven performance; consulting, capital, advice, and guidance.
  3. Technology solutions; geared towards financial products and services; Decidere.com, DigitalOffering.com.
  4. Consulting services; centered on financial products, services, sales, marketing, and distribution - mutual funds, managed accounts, exchange traded funds, private placements, et al.
Over 27 years of industry experience
, know-how, relationships, and a proven history of success. Decide - Commit - Succeed; Start - Build - Monetize. Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and angel investor; venture investor for small boutique best-in-class investment managers looking for scale and strategic advice, guidance, distribution, and partnership.

Distribution is both science and art; 
having industry experience, the know-how, and relationships (currency) to bring buyers and sellers together via distribution and consulting services. Finding and cultivating boutique investment managers and helping them grow AUM through strategic partnership is HawkPeak's primary focus. Relationships remain the most valuable currency in financial services. Also paramount is understanding how to navigate and connect the pieces in the ever changing landscape given industry know-how, experience, and intellectual capital

and major shifts in the financial services industry continue to unfold; change is constant. Modern Portfolio Theory and diversified portfolios still hold a place in strategic portfolio allocation, yet tactical asset allocation and Managed Beta™ have taken on an increasingly dramatic roll given the year over year growth metrics in these types of alternative strategies. Active, passive, active beta, derivatives, technicals, trend, asset rotation, tactical et al selectively offer opportunities to profit over market cycles and time; Active Share. The tide and winds are always shifting; staying on top of these ever-changing ebbs and flows is HawkPeak's competitive advantage.

Alis volat propriis ad infinitum ...  He flies by his own wings to infinity, i.e., without limit.

Favorite Quote:  “The two most powerful Warriors are Patience and Time”, Leo Tolstoy

HawkPeak's Motto: Artes, Scientia, and Veritas (Arts, Knowledge, and Truth).

HawkPeak's Client Commitment: Client Dedication, Personal Service, A Written Business and Marketing Plan, Suitable and Transparent Recommendations, Full Disclosure, and Loyalty.  

Investment Advisory Services offered through Monticello Investment Services, Inc. (MISI) a SEC RIA. Securities offered through MidAmerica Financial Services, Inc. (MFSI)  Member FINRA & SIPC MISI & MFSI are affiliated.  MISI & MFSI are not affiliated with HawkPeak® Consulting Group.

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